My work, research and practice is designed to (re)imagine a past — in the present — for the future."


I am an artist who works with textile waste and the discarded. I am a designer who transforms waste, utilizes obsolete clothing and textile machinery and incorporates traditional artisanal techniques in response to the society we live in. I remix mending and artisanal handcraft applications with obsolete and digital technologies derived from my formal training in fashion, textiles and printmaking in order to produce by-products that act as a reminder of what is often left behind.

Mending has always been apart of my vocabulary and way of thinking.  It is both physically and metaphorically embedded into every aspect of my research and practice as an artist. I employ various forms of mending applications to found/discarded objects, clothing and textile waste through the use of tools I collect and (re)imagine.

From the clothing I remade as a child to the salvaging of discarded textile manufacturing waste and obsolete machinery — I perform acts of visible mending to honour and transform the history of the craft, objects, tools and materials I use.

As a trained designer in fashion and textiles my acquired knowledge and skill set allows for an ability to combine artisanal craft applications with discarded industrial technologies.   My practice in the field of textiles, fashion and art is liminally positioned between that of artist, designer, craftsperson, engineer, archeologist, alchemist, ecologist, DJ, entrepreneur and keeper of the earth.  I surround myself with remnants, discards, castoffs and waste only to immerse myself in an environment designed to transform, remix and reverse engineer their raisons d'etres. 

I salvage, collect, observe and organize tools, materials, systems and patterns in order to allow for discovery, new pathways and applications to emerge. I revisit old forms of making in combination with obsolete tools and digital technology in order to visibly mend and critically repair the role and perception of craft today and in collaboration with industry.   My approach in method is not linear but it  allows for me to tell a story.   It encourages new discoveries through rediscovery.  It informs my journey into the here and now.